Vision for activities of daily life

Vision for ADL needs to be observed with an approach similar to vision for O&M in different typical tasks. Again, colour deficiencies, loss of low contrast information, field defects and poor motion perception are the usual causes of problems. Colour deficiencies and loss of contrast sensitivity can be effectively compensated for in kitchens and bath rooms, less well in public places like shops or in garden work where low vision devices and blind techniques may be necessary. The effect of patchy losses of visual field in the midperiphery requires special attention in all tasks that combine reaching for tools while simultaneously watching objects in the central visual field. Moving parts of machines may be hidden in the poorly functioning areas of the visual field and thus cause dangerous situations.

Use of proper goggles is important in chemistry and woodwork because the visually impaired children are likely to bend even closer than normally sighted children to see the details better.

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