Refractive correction

  1. Corrective lenses for the aphakic and pseudophacic infants and toddlers often correct for distance vision. The most important visual functions for communication and learning are within the reach of infants, i.e near correction of 1.5 to 6 diopters when the central vision is fairly good and up to 10 when poor.

  2. In some cases the lenses are unnecessary thick and thus optically of poor quality, smaller raw lenses should be required or the optician needs to be able to make the lenses thinner. The new (in September 2002) diffraction lenses will drastically improve the quality of strong lenses.

  3. Bifocal lenses for infants and toddlers can be made using flat-top bifocals. The reading segment is large enough, nearly filling the whole lower part of the lens and thus functioning like an executive lens but it is thinner and less expensive than the executive lenses.

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