The programs for the rehabilitation of the visually impaired hearing impaired or deaf persons vary in different countries and states. Again, the local representatives of the organisations for the visually impaired, for the hard of hearing or for the deaf should be able to help you to locate and get the services.

When a person starts to loose vision, moving around becomes problematic; many persons give up their daily promenades. It is very important not to give up but to try to find somebody who can escort during the promanade.

Hearing impaired visually impaired persons who work need special solutions for their working tasks. Independent living is difficult. Therefore there are group homes where several deaf-blind persons may live usually with deaf sighted persons.

The number of hearing impaired children who have congenital visual impairment is very small. They require very special teaching in order to learn to communicate. The other group of hearing impaired children who become visually impaired in school age, the Usher-children should be found among the hearing impaired children as early as possible so that their individual educational plans can be made and their language skills can be developed optimally.