7. TNO Stereo test

TNO stereo test requires pointing or counting to two and four in the qualitative part of the test. When the red-green glasses are in front of the eyes the hidden pictures become visible if the child has stereovision. The angle of stereo acuity can be measured in the quantitative part of the test that requires the ability to show the orientation of the pictures (“pizzas with a piece missing”). At this age it is difficult and is given as "homework" before the next visit.

"Here is a ball and here is another ball. Now when you look through theese magic spectacles where do you see balls now?.. there.. there.. there.. and there."
"Can you find any balls here? Look through the magic spectacles. Can you put this puzzle piece on the ball in this picture? ..Let's train with the pictures on the other page.. you place the puzzle piece like this."

Make a paper copy of the drawing and cut the circular form (“pizza with a piece missing”). Use this “pizza” to show the child how it can be placed on the four similar forms so that the missing sectors are on top of each other. If the picture with fine pattern is difficult to see, use the picture with coarser lines. Report also this observation.

Picture with fine pattern

Picture with coarser lines

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