What I See - Visual Milestones for the 1st and 2nd Year

0-3 Months. As a newborn infant, I looked at light sources and faces and turned my eyes and head toward them. I developed eye contact between 4-8 weeks and followed objects that moved slowly, first horizontally later vertically. By the end of the second month, I became interested in looking at mobiles.

3-6 Months. I discovered my hands, reached toward objects, then grasped hanging objects. I watched toys fall and roll away. My visual interest sphere widened gradually. I didn't mind it if you covered my eye with your hand  without touching my face, one at a time. I loved to communicate with everybody and watched your facial expressions.

7-10 Months. I noticed small bread crumbs. First I touched them, then I tried to grab them. I liked to watch you draw simple pictures for me. I also recognized objects that were partially hidden. I started to recognise my family members before they said something and greeted them with a big smile as soon as I saw them coming. After the immunisation shots I was a bit afraid of new people even if they smiled.

11-12 Months. I loved to play hide and seek and I knew my way around my home. I could look out the window and recognized people. I also started to recognize some pictures. I still put everything into my mouth to explore, then learned to bang the puzzle pieces together.

18 Months. I could play with simple puzzles. I was interested in books and pictures and recognized pictures as representations of real objects. I liked to watch you draw while you told stories. I learned to name pictures and objects, such as my LEA 3-D Puzzle shapes - apple, house, block and ball. I could not say those words well but my family understood me and so did my own health care nurse.

24 Months. I love to scribble and colour. I understand pictures can be large and small and still represent the same thing. I can also arrange similar pictures in groups. At this age, my vision can be tested while I play - when I am in the mood! When my vision is tested, I see small pictures equally well with my right and left eye.

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Edited in November 2010.