My Sight is Important!

This text is from the booklet that accompanies the LEA three dimensional puzzle. In the first paragraph a 2-year-old child tells us how his vision has developed during the two years of his life. The other paragraphs contain advice to the young parents on how they can keep an eye on the development of their child's vision.

What I See - Visual Milestones for the First and Second Year
Why Check Your Child's Vision?
Children "At Risk"
Concept of Pictures Representing Objects
Covering the Eye
Other important details

When a child is learning the concepts similar - different comparing colours and forms, a simple puzzle is an age appropriate toy that at the same time prepares the child for vision testing. The LEA 3-D Puzzle should be kept on a shelf like a book that is taken from there only for a special play activity.

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Some children with delays in their development may use the LEA 3-D Puzzle for several months, sometimes years, before they develop the concepts that we need in vision testing.

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Edited in July 2009.