Why Check Your Child's Vision?

Most babies and children develop their sight without any problems. However, a few healthy children and many children with disabilities need treatment by an eye doctor during early development of vision. If you have any concerns about how your child sees, it is important to have your child's vision checked as soon as possible.

Vision problems that are detected early can be treated before any loss of vision occurs. Keep an eye on your infant's visual development - especially during the first year. At the age of 3 months, your child should be using both eyes together most of the time. After 6 months, even occasional eye turns require evaluation. If your baby's behaviour does not follow the Visual Milestones listed here, tell your paediatrician. Deviation from normal visual development can be corrected if found early enough with glasses, training, medications, or even surgery.

Most infants with delays in the development of early visual communication/ interaction need “reading glasses”, especially infants with Down syndrome and infants with delay in motor development and hypotonic muscles because they may have hypotonic (= poorly functioning), weak muscles also in their eyes and therefore need help for exact focusing.

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Edited in July 2009.