Quantitative Colour Vision Test PV-16
#260200 - #260260

Large & Standard Stimulus, 16 Hue
Designed by Lea Hyvärinen, MD

Table of Contents

To the Tester

Neural Functions in Colour Vision

Clinical Evaluation of Colour Vision
Congenital Colour Vision Defects
Acquired Colour Vision Defects

Testing Procedures
Older Children and Adults
Young Children

Acquired colour vision defect tested with different sorting tests

Interpretation of Panel 16 Test Results
Minor Confusions
Crossings Across Colour Circle
Using the Recording Form


The Panel 16 recording form (PDF-file)

Readers who want to learn more about colour vision are referred to Dr. Peter Gouras’ part http://webvision.med.utah.edu/Color.html of the magnificent webpage http://webvision.med.utah.edu.

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