Assessment of Low Vision for Educational Purposes and Early Intervention

This lecture is a three hour synopsis of the basic course on paediatric low vision assessment that usually takes three weeks. Its contents are:

  1. visual pathways
  2. vision for communication
  3. basic vision tests
  4. visual acuity, contrast sensitivity
  5. colour vision, visual adaptation
  6. visual field
  7. test situations for nearly blind infants and children
  8. brain damage related visual impairment
  9. assessment of vision for educational purposes and early intervention.

The videos used in this lecture are available on the "LH Materials" CD.

At these courses we use both the Vision Testing Manual and LEA Test Instructions for detailed information on tests and test situations. Before the courses, participants should study anatomy of the eyes and visual pathways and most common facts about their function by reading the booklet Eyes&Vision or a similar general information. Part of the slides are the same as in the lectures on early development because we cannot assess a student without knowing the most important features of the early development.