Assessment of Functional Vision
for Educational Purposes and Early Intervention

In the lectures and papers that I collect on this page I try to convey information that is useful in assessment of impaired vision for planning of services and for educational decisions.

Early detection, treatment, and intervention
of problems in visual functioning
, WOC2014 Tokyo April 2-6, 2014
Assessment of Visual Functioning of Disabled Infants and Children as Transdisciplinary Team Work, Invited Lecture on The 7th of February 2012 in Montreal
Assessment of Visual Functioning
for Early Intervention and Special Education

Current questions in clinical work
Shortly about Eyes and Vision

Training for testing of visual acuity
Advice on training at home and at day care to prepare a young child for testing

Testing vision of a child with Down Syndrome
- Videos

Paper prepared for the WHO meeting on Classification of Visual Impairment in September 2003
Assessment of CVI
Lectures at San Francisco State Univ Nov.15.2003
Introductory lecture:
Assessment of Low Vision for Educational Purposes and Early Intervention
Manual: Assessment of Vision
          Part I   Part II   Part III

The following texts cover several aspects of assessment of vision in children and infants. They have been written for different courses in many countries where the participants needed to have complete handouts because of difficulties with English, the language of teaching. Later the texts have been modified for more general use but some of them still put emphasis on work in developing countries. Since the great majority of children with vision impairment are in developing countries, this feature may be acceptable also in industrialised countries.

Transdisciplinary Assessment of Vision I lecture in internet, June 2002

Transdisciplinary Assessment of Vision II lecture in internet, June 2002

What should a classroom teacher know about vision of a student with visual impairment?
How to classify paediatric low vision?
Spectacles and training in treating strabismus and amblyopia
Lecture in St. Petersburg on November 1. 2002
Training before vision testing
Paediatric low vision (re)habilitation definitions
Vision in Early Development
Low Vision During The First Year
A Developmental Emergency
Follow-up of vision development of healthy children to detect amblyopia (lazy eye) and eye turn or strabismus.
Vision Care 3 years to 10th grade
Lea Hyvärinen's Personal Home Page
Low Vision Project - Kenya
Comments and discussion on ICIDH 2 beta version
Lions' SightFirst Campaign March 1993
Beijing declaration on the rights of people with disabilities in the new century